Too Good for Drugs

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Too Good For Drugs (TGFD) is a school-based prevention program, designated a Model Program by SAMHSA
and designed to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors related to
(Alcohol, Tobacco, & other Drugs) ATOD use among students.
TGFD has a separate, developmentally appropriate curriculum for each grade level, K through 12.



TGFD builds five essential life skills:

•Goal setting
•Decision making
•Bonding with pro-social others
•Identifying and managing emotions
•Communicating effectively

During the 10 session program, students are provided information and opportunity to practice skills; home workout exercises are also encouraged so that parents can reinforce the skill building and utilize strategies that lead to improved relationships with their youth.

Family-Child Resources is pleased to offer programs for elementary through high school students in York and/or Adams counties through funding from the York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission.

If you are interested in learning more about Too Good For Drugs, please call MJ Martin at (717) 757-1227.


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