Kids First

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Kids First is a four-hour workshop for parents and caregivers who are separating, divorcing, and/or involved in custody disputes. The workshops are designed to help parents understand divorce from the child’s perspective and explain the many adjustments children must make as they cope with divorce and the challenges of shared custody. Kids First shows parents how to avoid placing children in difficult situations and helps develop skills that can be used to support a child’s adjustment to divorce and/or custody litigation. The workshops also focus on building more effective parenting skills to be used throughout the child’s growing years.

Assists parents and caregivers with how they can best communicate with each other and with their child(ren) about separation/divorce issues.
•Helps parents recognize the signals when a child is having difficulty with adjustment and needs help.
•Describes community resources that are available to help the entire family.
•Provides information that may be helpful to parents as they enter into custody arrangements.
•Includes a participant information booklet.


•In any given year almost a million children are involved in a family break-up.
•One-third to 40% of children currently living will experience divorce of their parents by the time they are 18.
•One out of every two couples marrying this year will be divorced in ten years.
•Children of divorce are at higher risk for emotional and behavioral problems.
•The manner in which parents handle the divorce is predictive of how well the children adjust.

Kids First is facilitated by experienced Family-Child Resources staff and is approved to fulfill custody workshop attendance ordered by the York County Court. This is a 4-hour class for co-parents to learn how separation, divorce, and custody conflict affects children.


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If you are interested in scheduling Kids First workshops in your area, or would like to become a Kids First trainer,

please contact Kathy Petry at (717) 757-1227.